KLX Suki Batu

KLX Suki Batu

Proceed to our last stop in Malang, before the final drive home back to our lovely hometown, Surabaya. The place is called KLX Suki Batu or KLX Express @klxexpress and @ameliasteph2 told us that this is another must-visit place in Malang.  It has some interesting menu items such as Roasted Chicken, Dim Sum, youtiao/cakue/fried dough stick, and alcoholic drinks. It’s …

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Cozy Cafe - Coffee

Homy Cafe – The Library Coffee & Pastries Surabaya

Second day of the week, usually the most hectic day of the week. Since the nature of our work is interdimensional and international (put it simply: online-based), we decided to meet up somewhere and work together for a new atmosphere instead of sitting in the office, and The Library @thelibrary.sby was our pick of the day since …

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