Locaahands Cafe Surabaya

Locaahands Cafe Surabaya

Hello Monday. For most of us, monday is our big enemy, the most least anticipated day to come. Not in the mood to go back to work, or whatever, I hope you could still have a little time to look on you and your surroundings, be grateful that you still have a job to go to and get paid. Otherwise, remember you can always resign from your post and have those ocean of jobseekers replace your position. For me, chilling with my mates at Locaahands Cafe Surabaya was a viable option to fuel our minds up, being productive for the day.

Due to a thing, we chose to do our works in a quite renowned Cafe in Surabaya, @locaahands_ (Official IG of Locaahands Cafe Surabaya) . Set our laptops up, ready to go, and ordered some nice drinks and nibbles. I had my Berry Limeade, Thicc (yes, double C, folks) Bacon and Egg, and a side of hash brown.

The limeade, tasty and refreshing. Not too sweet and overpowering. Those hash brown triangles look and taste the same as what I used to have in those Sydney cafes back in the day. And was a favourite of a mate of mine. Hands up for the perfectly cooked Hash Browns, crispy yet not greasy on the outside and moist on the inside.

The star of the show, the bacon and egg. Thick and chunky slabs of bacon was indeed the star. Scrambled egg was nice and creamy, butter toasted brioche was served warm, crunchy, and toasty. Just perfect. A smother of mustard-mayo made it better. Salad greens to refresh your palate and get you ready for your next bite.

The Thicc Bacon. I give it a dedicated paragraph as it deserves such a privilege. Smoky, chunky, crispy, I’m salivating just by writing this. Fyi this is pork bacon, just to let you fellas know. The moment you cut it to pieces, and send it to your mouth, you know it’s gonna be gooood. And yeah I was right, it does feel good. Love the texture of the fat and the bacon meat, tastes savoury with a hint of smokiness, and call me a fatso but I believe I can have more than 2 pieces of them. Of course you gotta pay extra for them, Duh. Imagine 5 streaky bacons, stacked together, all for you to devour. Sauces are available at your disposal.

Bottom line, get the bacon. For your (mental)health.

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