Sabat Jaya Kendangsari

(Depot) Sabat Jaya Kendangsari Surabaya

The destination is Depot Sabat Jaya Kendangsari Surabaya, and a riddle for all of us: What is the simplest, quickest way to entertain someone (or everyone)? Give them some food. Good food. Most people get cranky when they feel hungry, hence the term hangry is born. Preventive measure would be to feed them asap with a hearty meal (or feast).

And so Depot Sabat Jaya Kendangsari was the dinner place that we mutually chose. Legend says it tastes better than Pak Bas, another local chinese food place a few posts ago. Huge portion, affordable price tags and finger-licking good. Isn’t that enough reason to give this place a shot?

Order in. Ayam Goreng Mentega (Fried Chicken in Butter and Onion sauce), Red Fried Rice, CapCay (stir fried veggies), FuYungHai (fried omelette with sweet and sour sauce), and Babi Tepung (deep fried pork cutlets). 4 dishes for 4 people might sound overkill given the portion is family-size, but we finish them all no problem. Last slide would testify for this.

The fried chicken was crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and the sauce was tasty. Just don’t inhale the liquid butter sauce unless you wanna clog your arteries so bad. Capcay and FuYungHai was okay, so-so. Edible. Now, the pork cutlets was the champion for me. The crust was crispy and not greasy, while the meat retains its juiciness. Perfectly cooked dishes coming from a humble roadside stall.

Would love to try another menu items from this place, such as their seafood menu and another serving(s) of their fried pork cutlets. Totally worth my time and calories.

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