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Kuliner Surabaya – Depot Bu Rudy

Sunday morning, time for a quick catch up session before we went back to our routines. @leonyaphar ‘s Sunday routine being going on dates with his SO, so here I am stealing some of his time in the morning lol. We’ve chosen this place as this is a popular spot in Surabaya, being one of the destinations of Kuliner Surabaya (Surabaya’s Culinary spot).

Depot Bu Rudy (Bu Rudy’s restaurant) is famous for her Nasi Udang aka steamed rice topped with crispy fried shrimp and some condiments such as serundeng (crispy spiced coconut flakes), house made sambal/chilli sauce (and a free flow jar of her famous Sambal Bawang/onion chilli sauce on the table), and stir-fried noodle. I felt like having Pecel (steamed veg with peanut sauce) that day, so here it is. Nasi Pecel Udang Empal (Nasi Pecel with crispy shrimps and fried beef steak).

The taste, as always, was good and comforting for Indonesian’s palate. Legend says that Bu Rudy has been selling her signature crispy shrimps and Sambal since 1995 (I read it on their brochure) and I can understand why it keeps being one of the most-sought products by travelers when they come to visit Surabaya. Pecel on top of the dish simply balances and completes the meal for me, as I need some veg and fiber intake. It’s a shame that the Peyek chips was tough and soggy @burudy.surabaya shrimp was nice and crispy, the empal/fried beef steak was tender and sweet. Nice

I got no much else to say, as this is one of my favourite dish in my hometown and the place is one of the few spots of Kuliner Surabaya. Oh just one thing maybe. Have a try yourself and correct me if I’m wrong 😊

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Kuliner Surabaya
Kuliner Surabaya

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