Steak Surabaya

Steak Surabaya – The Gourmet Galaxy Mall

The coffee on the previous post was good and gave us enuf energy to went through a Saturday. Off to this mall we went, and guess where these quarter-century old fellas headed to? Timezone. You gotta keep your inner child alive, folks 馃槃 and also to get some great Steak Surabaya (Surabayanese Steak/BBQ).

Now onto the culinary side of the trip. At the lowest level of Galaxy Mall 3 is a place called Gourmet or something, it’s basically a place where you can choose your marinated meat and have them cook it for you, then serve it on your table. Sort of a steakhouse, for the poor (jk. Steakhouse for everybody). You can also buy some sides like frozen fries or anything and get them to cook it for you, so you can enjoy it while you’re there. I ordered some beef kebab skewers and a piece of chicken thigh, they were served with a side of wedges and sauce of your choice. My sauce of choice was honey mustard.

To my surprise, the marinated meat tastes wayyy better than that popular indonesian-fusion restaurant in Surabaya, the one that got famous because of their spin on sauce for their steaks like chicken steak, gallantine or whatever. Their sweet brown sauce. The one called Boncafe, Bon ami, yeah that one. Some people believe that they are a staple of Surabaya, Steak Surabaya/Surabaya style of Steak. I personally don’t find that place a must-visit, but everyone tastes and feels differently so choices are yours.

Meat are grilled and cooked perfectly, not under or overcooked. Still juicy on the inside, and the sauce completed them all, ensuring a party in your mouth. You can see on slide 3 that we did enjoy quite a big meal, and it’s all worth the calories. For you who wants to have alternative dining experience with interesting concept, I’d encourage you to drop this place a visit. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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Steak Surabaya
Steak Surabaya

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