Cozy Cafe - Affogato

Cozy Cafe – Kollabora

Back here again, with the sole purpose of having a glimpse of dessert with some Live Music in a Cozy Cafe. Turns out we came on the wrong day where the band doesn’t play so yeah we ended up having the dessert and playing some Ludo on an iPad. Millenials.

The affogato is a champion. Kudos to for their creation. They elevated the dish with some old-school style fairy floss which surprisingly makes the dish better, not overly sweet as I thought it would be. The floss melts down instantly when the espresso shot was poured on top of it, incorporating the Black and White perfectly (Yin and Yang, Evil and Pure, Black and White, balance in all things, you know?). 

It was a pleasant dessert to have when you just want something refreshing, sweet, with a kick of caffeine after. Don’t try my style of enjoying affogato, but I usually took a shot of espresso on its own then nibble on the ice cream as I go on, so then I have all the bitterness gulped down and I only need to deal with all the sweetness from the ice cream. Trust me, it’s not for the weak. 

The brownie caramel granita thingy is not as good as I thought it would be. It is alright, edible, but too much orange rind for me. Initially I thought it was shredded coconut pieces but after the ice melted, it became evident that those flaky things are orange rinds. Too much to my tastebuds, you guys might actually like it though. However, apart from the innovative menu items, Kollabora remains my first pick of Cozy Cafe in Surabaya. You guys should go drop them a visit.

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Cozy Cafe - Affogato
Cozy Cafe - Brownie Granita

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