Chinese Food Surabaya – Wok Noodle

If few posts ago Pak Bas was my go-to place when we need a massive portion of meal with cheapy pricetags, this place is a level above Pak Bas, located inside one of Surabaya’s most crowded shopping mall since probably a long time ago, perhaps since its opening. Truly one of the iconic Chinese Food Surabaya you gotta try.

Wok Noodle, famous for its Finna Fried Rice (red fried rice, the red comes from Finna’s sauce) and Crispy Fried Chicken. The fried rice should be enough for 3 people to share, and the chicken as well. The condiments really complement the meal, love the chopped chilli and soy sauce combo.

Taste wise, it’s your typical chinese food meal, slightly better than Pak Bas thanks to the toppings of the fried rice (this one got green peas, chicken meat, scrambled eggs), and the marinade + batter of the chicken. Well I guess each of them have their own markets and caters to different tastebuds.

All in all, when you feel some comfort food, or when you feel lost in a Mall and don’t know what to eat, Wok Restaurant will be your safe bet to feed you and your family with their signature flavour of Chinese Food Surabaya.

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