Hill House Batu

Hill House Batu – Malang

Off we went to Batu, the town next to Malang, another popular tourism destination. To think about it, having 2 cities in the same region, and both of them being hot tourism destinations, I could imagine the local council folks must be very happy. Massive income, not just active and passive.The place that we headed called Hill House Batu @hillhousebatu . 

It got gorgeous building, beautiful and calming view, breezy wind blowing softly to your face, perfect place to chill yourself down after some hectic soul-draining stuff in your life. Unfortunately, the food’s taste and service needs to be drastically improved to match the view and ambience that they have.

The food items, altho beautiful, didn’t taste as good as they look. Tastes bland to me, lacking the wow factor. The menu book was hilariously thick, as thick as a magazine. I could feel the struggle of the Kitchen Team just by holding the menu book. Fried ice cream was okay, sushi burrito was just okay, and the sushi on the little cute wooden stairs was just okay too. Them being pretty to look at seems to take all the essence away. Kinda reminds me of some people in our society where looks are everything to them, without understanding what’s under the hood matters a lot too.

The service team, seemed not ready to handle a full restaurant. We have to wait around 45 mins-ish before some of our order got delivered, and I kid you not, one of the server had the guts to restrict us from having a quick nibble of our bought-from-store chips. Yes I know there is a house rule, but can’t you be considerate? 11 starving people on your table and you didn’t even update us regarding the progress of our order.

Thankfully, 2 of your staff members are top-notch. Santy (@santypuspitas_ ) and a trainee called Rian (yeah you San Choi Bow guy) if I’m not mistaken. they were very professional, helpful, great product knowledge and smiling all the time. Take a good care of them, they are the golden nuggets in your team, Hill House Batu.

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