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Thirty Three Brew Cafe Surabaya – Dharmahusada

The first day of the end of the week would normally be spent by lying around on your bed and do nothing. Some of you who are fortunate enough to have partner(s) or that someone (or two) with romantical interests looked forward to the weekends to spend some times together. Not for me and my mates. Chilling in Thirty Three Brew Cafe Dharmahusada, Surabaya was our choice to enjoy our weekend.

Despite all the hustle bustle of life, failed moving on process, simp, and so on (the list got longer and longer), we accepted our fate that as of today, the universe pulled the 4 of us together to just enjoy the presence and not overthink about stuff we can’t control. What’s better to enjoy this quality time with, if not a cup (or glass) of coffee?

@thirty3brew (Thirthy Three Brew Cafe) is well known for their transparent-canned iced coffee with choice of Rum, Baileys, or Aren (palm sugar) flavour. Me personally would love to try the Baileys but damn they ran out of it the time we got there. It was a rainy day and the place was pretty crowded, so I guess we’ll try our better luck next time.

You get a can of your iced coffee and a separate cup full of ice if you’d like to enjoy it in the cafe, on the rocks. Sure it dillutes the consistency of your coffee a bit, but it makes it cooler and, for me, it balances out the sweetness of the coffee and worked well for my tastebuds.

Since I believe this is the most recent outlet of @thirty3brew , the one in Dharmahusada, some hiccups are still tolerable for me altho a bit disappointing. They ran out of the Snack Platter due to they don’t stock up enough fries/chips, and the POS system encountered a trouble of not syncing up or something, resulting in the EDC/EFTPOS machine become unusable.

All those are well compensated by the professionalism and delightful manner of their operational team, kudos to all of them. All of them were polite, welcoming, and professional. As someone who used to run cafes and restaurants, I understand how much pressure they felt and the way they handled them was just perfect. Well trained and well played. Look forward for my next visit.

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Thirty Three Brew
Thirty Three Brew

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