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Homy Cafe – The Library Coffee & Pastries Surabaya

Second day of the week, usually the most hectic day of the week. Since the nature of our work is interdimensional and international (put it simply: online-based), we decided to meet up somewhere and work together for a new atmosphere instead of sitting in the office, and The Library @thelibrary.sby was our pick of the day since we hear that it is a Homy Cafe, which is kinda hard to be found in Surabaya.

The coffee was alright, black coffee with condensed milk and palm sugar. Kinda tastes like Vietnamese Coffee, and the cup it was served in made me reminisce my childhood days. Good coffee and good ambient.

The pizza, on the other hand, was disappointing. Frozen ready to use dough, with the size of…. small. Small and not impressive. Will definitely go back for the coffee and ambient but not for the pizza. I tell you what, the owner of this cafe is very humble and accommodating. The Pizza might not be a star just yet, but the attitude of the owner changes everything for me. Indeed this place is a Homy Cafe.

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Cozy Cafe - Coffee
Cozy Cafe - Pizza

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