Shao Kao Surabaya

Shao Kao. I believe in Chinese that means skewers (?). Basically most of your favourite food items are skewered then grilled to perfection, with a dash of savoury or bbq sauce. Here in Shao Kao Surabaya, I strongly believe the savoury glaze that I always ordered consists of salt and some cumin and 5 spices powder.

Ordered me Broccoli skewers, rolled bacon, pork cheek, chicken skin, chicken softbones, pork belly. I love pork and I love chicken. Why not both? Toss in some vege as well so it’s not that “sinful”

Broccoli was grilled and charred well, it still has a pleasant crunch to it and tastes wonderful thanks to the savoury glaze. Rolled Bacon, need I say more? Bacon is bacon no matter how you cook it, it will always be good. Cmon it’s bacon.

Pork cheek is kinda fatty and chewy, savoury. Love it. Chicken softbone/cartilage was cooked well and the chicken skin as well. Only downside was the skin. It was a challenge to take it off the skewer as it clings firmly onto it, the skin simply breaks down and made a mess on my table.

Again, it’s not iced tea. A pint of beer to accompany the skewer madness, and was mentally prepared to have my pocket skewered by the bill.

To sum it up, have a go at this place with some mates, it’s worth the calories and stuff. Maps coordinate are provided below for your perusal to easily find Shao Kao Surabaya, since it’s located in one of major road in Surabaya.

PS: lotsa customers opted to have them skewers with steamed rice, optional but kinda make so much sense to fill your tummy up.

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