Nasi Campur Spesial

Nasi Campur Babi Bali – Depot Jepun Peneleh

Nasi Babi Peneleh. It’s a rice dish with some variety of toppings. Its sambal alone consists of 3 varieties, making your lunch time vibrant and colourful.

It only opens from morning circa 8 AM until arvo around 3 PM, hence you can only have it for brunch/lunch, not dinner. Besides, who the hell would have this porky gluttony for dinner? Save your arteries, don’t clog them.

JK, for dinner you can have them pork knuckles which I posted earlier. Save your arteries by actively moving and working out alright, folks. Don’t just starve yourself and being idle.

You get some variations of pork meat and veg here. All of them are savoury and their flavours mix very well with each other. Those crispy slightly fatty pork and fried peanuts are there to give textures in your mouth so that every spoonful of them excites your tastebuds for more. The broth (pork) on the side helps when you feel the whole dish is too dry, and the meaty bones are there for your entertainment (you know what I mean, yea? Cleaning those bones off their meats give me unexplainable satisfaction). Wash them down with a glug of fresh cold orange juice (es jeruk. Not really orange juice but okay) and off you go for another quarter days of working.

Nasi Babi Peneleh has been a legendary eatery that every pork eater in Surabaya knows and will take their colleagues and relatives to try and enjoy the satisfying fulfilling meal. If you happen to be in town and looking forward to a challenging yet enjoyable meal, look no further. There’s the map coordinates for you.

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Nasi Campur Spesial
Nasi Campur Spesial

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