Pizza Marzano - Mushroom Dip

Pizza Surabaya – Pizza Marzano

A good pizzeria is not an easy thing to be found in my hometown. I’m sick of having pizzas from those overrated chain pizza stores that tastes bland and boring, hence there’s no such term as “Pizza Surabaya” being popular. Over the past few years some people finally muster the courage to take a stand and open up proper pizzerias to show us that this is the real pizza. Together with their side dishes as well. Meet Pizza Marzano.

Pizza Marzano happened to be one of middle-upper class, full service pizzeria located at the west side of Surabaya, inside of Pakuwon Mall. Tell any Surabayans that you are heading to Pakuwon Mall and everyone would be happy to show you the way. We ordered their creamy mushroom dip and chicken wings for starters, pizza and lasagna for mains, and were left too full for dessert, so hot tea will do for now.

Mushroom dip tastes creamy and comforting, served in that skillet kinda bowl thingy, keeping it nice and warm until the last scoop. Don’t touch the bowl, or you’ll scorch your fingers. Chicken wings, coated in house made sauce, juicy and pleasant. Lasagna served bubbly hot, not your everyday view in Italian style restaurant in Surabaya. Pizza, well this is the star for me. This is how Pizza should taste like.

Pizza is oven fired, we can see from those scorches on its crust. Toppings are not overcooked, the cheese has not broken down into those oily greasy thingy yet, but they melt beautifully. Love it. Only thing is they do rely on the taste of their quality products, so for some of us this might taste a bit… less tasty. Have some grated Parmesan cheese and chilli flakes to kick it up a notch. Oh, the Parmesan cheese? Not those powdery stuff you usually find in pitsahat (you know who this is right?). This restaurant uses proper Parmesan Cheese, have a touch on it and you can definitely tell this is the real thing. I will be happy if one day Pizza Marzano happens to be called “Pizza Surabaya” or “Pizza Indonesia” simply because it manages to combine 2 delightful cultures, Italian an Indonesian in their dishes.

Definitely one of some Pizzerias in town that you gotta visit, price won’t come easy (but not that expensive) but the quality of the meal and the dining experience worth every single dime spent.

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