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Weekend calls for after-hour chill session with whoever left in the office, normally. Not that I/we wait until weekend to do it, just feels more sympatethic for me to say that chill time is weekend. Time to explore the term Cafe Surabaya, a.k.a eligible cafes in Surabaya. by eligible I meant it gotta be reasonable to charge its patrons a certain amount of money, instead of overcharging everyone for low quality dishes and services.

This particular cafe caught my interest since the first time I heard its name and read its menu. Took me some times before I could actually drop them a visit. High expectation? Of course.

Tonic coffee tastes kinda weird. A shot of espresso and tonic water + a squeeze of citrus juice would be perfect, yet they went extra with some kinda syrup in it. I don’t like it, I personally believe they can do better, rework the recipe would be awesome. Also, please do re-train your staff to refresh their product knowledge (“cuma teh sama leci tapi panas pak” is not what I expected to hear) and how to treat customers properly. My buddy ordered a pot of hot tea and he waited for more than 30 mins, without any follow ups or anything. Just waiting in silence for 30 mins++. Lots of menu items were unavailable, maybe it’s stocktake period when I came there. Hopefully next visit will be better

The snack sampler was great. Love the onion rings, and those mini spring rolls. Been missing those rolls for a while and I was surprised you guys have this. Bravo.

Chicken quesadilla was a bit too thick, it leans more towards crunchwrap, I suppose. Not that particular quesadilla that I know which is basically a light snack to share with your buddies. The barbeque chicken filling was okay, albeit a tad too sweet to my liking. Put some salt in it won’t kill anyone, i’d say.

Oh, before I forget, this Cafe has a very chill and cozy interior, love it. Just rework the recipes and empower the team, and I believe you guys are on your way to success. Definitely a go-to place for whoever is looking for Cafe Surabaya.

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