Dong Bei Yi Jia Ren

Chinese Food – Surabaya – Dong Bei Yi Jia Ren

What a feast. The place to have a meal shared with your mates and/or family. We are here to celebrate the new beginning of mr. @leonyaphar (career, guys) altho a bit sad since from around 10 invitees, only 4 of us can make it to this awesome Chinese Food Restaurant in Surabaya 🙁

Fried sauteed Spam/luncheon meat, la ci ci (i know i don’t spell it right. Basically it’s a fried crispy chicken pieces flash fried with chilli and sichuan pepper and whatever), tomato omelette, and sweet and sour pork. Damn they were all tasty dishes. Have the Chinese tea, hot, for your bev as nobody wants to clog your arteries aye?

The spam meat tasted even better when cooked this way, with some crunches from the carrots and onions plus the fragrance of fried garlic chips. The chicken, altho are not boneless, tastes comforting to me thanks to its sichuan pepper and onion. Tomato omelette, @leonyaphar loves it and insisted the missus @jennifernatashaa to have some spoonful of it. The champion, for me, is the sweet and sour pork. Crispy and chewy at the same time, with its sweet and sour sauce that tastes not too sweet, perhaps they salted it a bit or even throw in some MSG. I don’t mind. Tastes good.

A bowl or two of steamed rice is mandatory since you need something to neutralize your tastebuds, forget about diet when you dine in this kind of place (Chinese Food Restaurant/Depots). It can start tomorrow or whenever, just enjoy and savour the moment. I personally have some pleasant (and sweet, memorable) memories here, this occasion adds another one in my book.

Good luck and have fun out there, Bang Yaphar @leonyaphar . We may not work within the same team/company anymore, but let’s go out and have some meals together, on our way to our goals.

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