Chinese Food - Nasi Goreng Spesial

Chinese Food – Surabaya – Depot Pak Bas

This place is a perfect place for when you wanna have an edible meal, massive portion, and light on your wallet (aka when you’re being a cheapo both voluntarily or forced by the condition) Chinese Food. The holy trinity of that end-of-month cycle of salaryman, or everyone in general. Except for you college kids/interstate folks who legend says this circumstance lasts for a lifetime (of your study, before you secure a full time job).

Depot Pak Bas, I’ve been eating there since I was in High School, before I went abroad for college (it’s a millenium ago, i know 🙁 ). Back then me and my old man got introduced to this place by one of our friend, and came back here once in a while to dine and share the food. It tastes alright, edible, and obviously fulfilling.

When I say the portion is massive, it is massive. You can share a portion of its Fried Rice with 2 of your mates, and end up paying around 15k Rupiah each per head including drinks. For this occasion, 4 of us went there, ordered 3 dishes and any drinks from the menu, and end up paying circa 35k Rupiah each. Very cheap and fulfilling Chinese Food!

We ordered Special Fried Rice (basically this means you get 1 fried egg on top), Cap Cay Goreng (stir fried mixed veg with some chooks pieces), and Crispy Fried Chicken. The pictures say it all, and yes we did finish the dishes (and being slouchy afterwards). The green thing in the glass? Melon/Honeydew juice with no sugar. Literally some pieces of melons, water, and ice in a blender. With no added sugar it tastes like drinking water with melon essence 😂

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