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My hometown has been scorching hot in the arvo almost every day since like a month ago or so. 35 degree Celsius is like normal nowadays, and with the humidity, walking outside the house feels like walking in a massive oven. Looking for another Cafe Surabaya and to Gatherinc we went.

This place is a bit secluded over that part of the city but worth the drive. Looks humble from the facade yet homy and cozy on the inside. I’ve visited this place back in 2017 and they have improved quite a bit. Of course back then I wasn’t this active on my socmed so sorry guys, no side by side comparison 😂

The pitcher contains something Sangria (refreshing? Awakening? Can’t remember what it is exactly). The one next to it, the yellow one is mango and passionfruit soda thingy, again I couldn’t remember the name. All of them are non-alcoholic drinks as I don’t wanna get myself bloated again after all those beer drinking fiasco a few posts back. Oh, the nibbles. Something poutine which basically is french fries/chips topped with cheese sauce and a few smoked beef/ham strips. Just okay to snack on, not a big fan of it.

The Sangria is refreshing, sweet, sour, and fruity. Yakult/yoghurt drink with some citrus and strawberry, with ice, in a pitcher. Pour it to those glasses, on ice. Refreshing and nice. Would go back for it (or make some more at home if I wanna have it by myself). The mango passionfruit soda is alright, sweet, fizzy, a tad sour, and fruity. The mango is spot on, and passionfruit tastes like puree instead of the fresh, real one.

Slide 2 to show you how refreshing it would be to have it in the middle of sunny afternoons, like today, at this moment when it’s 35 degree Celsius outside, in a cozy Cafe Surabaya. Just because I can 😉

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Gatherinc Cafe
Gatherinc Cafe
Gatherinc Cafe

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