Kollabora - Lavender Latte

Surabaya Cafe – Kollabora

A Cafe Surabaya serving Lavender Latte. The name sounds interesting, sounds beautiful. Well for me the word “Lavender” automatically reminds me of a field full of purple/lavender flower, relaxing atmosphere, and so on (thanks @loccitane for your propaganda 😉). OR those spray can of bug spray/insect killer (baygon shayyy dengan wangi lavender). Nothing in between. Oh there is, called aromatherapy diffuser or air freshener spray (BayFresh).

With that in mind, having this coffee for the first time made me excited and nervous at the same time. How will it taste? Will I like it? Or will I hate it because it’s too aromatic? Or maybe I will love and hate it at the same time, like most of the stories of my life.

Presentation wise, it looks chic and pretty thanks to that little purple flower floating on top of the iced coffee. It might be edible, some kinda of chrysanthemum flower or something, but I sincerely don’t recommend you to eat it. Or act cute and slip it onto the ear of your loved ones/SO. Man up and get her a proper bouquet of flower, dude.

Remove the garnish and give it a quick stir, and start sipping the bev. Honestly? Not my cup of tea (coffee). Too aromatic and sweet for me, kinda feels like I’m drinking coffee with air freshener liquid/aromatherapy oil in it. Don’t get me wrong, I still finish it and you guys might actually love it as I heard it’s one of @kollabora.id ‘s best seller, a favourite Cafe Surabaya of mine.

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Kollabora - Lavender Latte

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