Sate Tretes

Sate Tretes – Sate Depan Foresta Resort Tretes, Pasuruan

After the work-chill session at the cafe on yesterday’s post, we elevated our dinner session by spontaneously drove to Tretes, Pasuruan. 65ish minutes drive from Surabaya, depends on traffic, and you should be where we were. In front of Foresta Resort Tretes, a humble small Sate Tretes restaurant is preparing themselves to serve hungry guests that are craving for their satay sticks.

Surabaya sure has several delish Satay stalls like the one on my post (Sate Pak Seger) and several others, but what makes Tretes’ satay better is simply because the air that you breathe is fresher and cooler than Surabaya, making your dining session better and worth the drive. They also do the salty/savoury version of satay here, besides the normal sweet soy sauce satay.

We ordered 100 sticks in total, 40 sweet and 40 savoury, together with 20 savoury skin satays (extra crispy, of course). Shared between the 4 of us, just the right portion. No actually I feel like we could have more of those crispy salty skin satays, but ok I’ll save it for my next trip.

The peanut sauce is thick and yummy, with those finely sliced onion. Have some local crackers (the white curly thingy) and you’re all set. Have it with rice/rice cake (lontong)/without extra carbs, choice is yours. Add a dash of chilli sauce into your peanut sauce/gravy to add a hint of heat. Sate Tretes Dinners are meant to be this good. Those empty sticks spoke for themselves.

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