Pentol Cempaka

Pentol Goyang Lidah Cempaka, Surabaya

Back to the hustle bustle of my lovely hometown, Surabaya. Suddenly I crave for this little nibbles of happiness, Pentol, being the most famous and tasty one for me is Pentol Cempaka. It’s simply a cheaper version of meatball, served dry without any broth, with some sauces for its topping. *broth is actually optional but normally they will just be served dry with sauce.

Normally, it’s served and enjoyed straight from its plastic bags with the skewer stick (hence I don’t recommend adding broth), but I love to improvise. I turned them into Pentol Bowl 😁

This (large) portion, costs me only IDR 15 thousand. Enough to keep me full til the end of the day. Consists of some beef balls, beef tendon balls, quail-eggs stuffed beef balls, fried tofu puffs filled with those beef dough, dimsim, and fried dimsims. Yes I know they sound delish, altho this might be a tad different than what you might expect, trust me, they taste better than you thought. Pentol Goyang Lidah Cempaka really does take this game seriously. No wonder they have multiple outlets already and keep on expanding.

Drench them all with the holy trinity of the sauces (chilli sauce, sweet soy sauce, and house made tomato ketchup), and your meal/snack is complete. Took me a massive amount of self control to plate (or bowl) it up before devouring the whole lot. No fork, you ask? No. I’ll stick to the traditional skewer-stick poking-your-pentol messy fun.

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