Penyetan Padin Surabaya

Penyetan Padin Surabaya

When you reached a certain age, you’ll slowly understand that the actual reason we go for some sport activities was to simply enjoy a better meal than what we usually have, apart from maintaining social relationships with our good mates. Penyetan Padin Surabaya was the place of choice of the night, and here’s why:

Couple hours of badminton session then went out for supper, late supper. Since the curfew policy kicked in, lots of good places to eat close earlier than we expected. Yeah 10pm is just still too early for us, but well what can we say, it’s for the greater goods.

Penyetan Padin Surabaya was our place of choice that night, by accident. A happy one. I didn’t expect the taste of the dishes to be this good. Worth its higher-than-usual pricetags. The pictures of celebs and famous people on the wall gave us a hint that something makes this place a popular destination. Now I understand why.

1. The fried duck pieces, wow. Well marinated, juicy meat, yummy skin and well-rendered fat in between. Some crispy crunchy bits (such as the tips of the wings) apart from those juicy and plump meat. Worth the IDR 40 Thousand price tag.

2. Pete and Jengkol. The delish duo. They are a couple of sator/stink beans, one being crunchier and one being firmer. The green one called pete and the brown one called jengkol.

3. Fried Tofu and Tempeh. Classic choices every time I went out to eat Penyetan/variety of food items served with freshly made chilli sauce.

4. Fried Eggplants. This is a must-have for me, to accompany point no. 3. Cheap and delish. Okay

5. The chilli sauce itself. Add a squeeze of lime juice to elevate its flavour, a must-do ritual. Go for the spicy option if you love challenges.

With those 5 points, and a plate of steamed rice, that night was considered complete. Feel slightly too full, gained back the calories i’ve burned, but no regrets. At all.

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