Cwie Mie Malang

Cwie Mie Malang – Depot Hok Lay

Malang bound. Been a while since our get-together trip as a group. We have few hours in town, gotta visit few places, so yeah it’s a pretty hectic day for us. The video is up on my YT channel, you guys can click the link on my bio to watch it. Craved for some Malang Classic, Cwie Mie Malang and here we are:

Depot Hok Lay @depot.hoklay.mlg is our first destination. It’s been opened its door to public since 1946, they said, and that’s exactly how you’d feel when you stepped into the restaurant. Well known for their Cwie Mie Pangsit (dry noodle with shredded chicken flakes and wonton), Lumpia Semarang (fried spring rolls), and Fosco (just call it salted chocolate milk).

The noodle was on the softer side instead of chewy and springy. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t hold its shape, tho. The consistency makes it less than a challenge for you who have lazy teeth to enjoy this bowl of noodle. And it does not make you bloat afterwards, so good like how a Cwie Mie Malang should.

The spring roll, well, too hyped up. The one I had in Semarang was wayyyy better, but it’s okay when you need some few crunches in your mouth. They are still edible and served fresh from the fryer, and those spring onion stalks and chilli padis are a must to enjoy with the spring rolls. Btw, the brown sauce? Sweet. Dominantly sweet.

Now, the most anticipated (by me) item. The Fosco aka salted chocolate milk. It’s okay, milk chocolate with some tasty/savoury sensation. To me, the consistency is a tad too runny. I’d love it if it’s much more thicker than what I had. With the current consistency it just tastes like it’s teasing my tastebuds, you know. I’m not satisfied yet. Prolly need to order a few more bottles. Anyway from business POV, the owner have succesfully convinced me to grab some more bottles of it. Well done, but you guys can do better.

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She’s my partner in this foodie adventure (or madness), too bad she’s based in Malang and I’m not.

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Cwie Mie Malang
Cwie Mie Malang
Cwie Mie Malang

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