Bakmi Surabaya - Depot Sehat

Bakmi Surabaya – Depot Sehat

A long overdue date with my lil sis, like literally, i’ve been entertaining and went on dates with few (yeah few only not too greedy) sisters of others, yet I haven’t taken my own sister, who always stood by my side all the time, out for some quality time in a while. If I can go head over heels, sacrificing parts of me for a lady that I hope would be my life-long partner in crime, and ended up being taken for granted, why not re-start everything and start it properly, from my own home? A flick of reminder for you guys who are on your path to finding your life partner. Use your logic as much as your heart.

My sister was craving for some Bakmi/dry noodle with pork toppings at that time, and it was quite a challenge to find a decent restaurant who has it in their menu. Long story short we went to this place, kinda by coincidence, but they do have what she wants, so off we went for some Bakmi Surabaya. Ordered the Bakmi, Kwetiau CapCay (rice noodle with stir fried veges), and Es Markisa for the drink.

Bakmi was good, truly a Bakmi Surabaya. In fact I regret and condemned myself to not have it too, instead I went for their unpopular dish. Noodles are springy, toppings are colourful and yummy, broth is provided but whether to flood your bowl or not, is 100% back to your personal taste. I like it dry, so no broth for me. Kwetiau CapCay was… not tailored to my taste. I had it simply because I need the Veg, and it was edible. That’s it. Not gonna order it again. Plus on slide 5 there’s a bonus stir-fried fly in my dish, unfortunately I was down to my last 5 spoon of finishing the dish so I can’t really file a complain and ask them to do something about it.

Now the drink. Es Markisa (Passionfruit Juice, i suppose). Here in my hometown, it is a common thing to simply dilute a syrup with water and serve it with some ice cubes. Don’t get me wrong, I love these drinks. However, this, in particular, was really really sweet, I couldn’t even manage to finish it. I only had a quarter of the glass and left it to waste. Diabetes medication session will cost me way much than that glass of drink.

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